Welcome to Minter

Minter is a blockchain network that lets people, projects, and companies create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity.

Born by the Community

Minter is a project brought to you by the largest Russian-speaking blockchain community, DeCenter. Over 250,000 members are gathered among our sites, channels, and groups on Telegram.


All coins can be exchanged both within and outside the network. There is little sense in creating a currency that cannot be used to pay for goods and services around the world. That is why enabling you to exchange any coin for Bitcoin, Ether, and even USD.

Integration With Telegram Open Network

One will be able to transfer any coin from the Minter blockchain to that of TON. Minter network’s validators will initiate the transfer automatically.

Login to the Minter Console

Or register if you don’t have a wallet yet.

Select the amount to delegate from the available balance or purchase the required amount of coins.

Copy the public key of the node

(just click on it)

  • Mp6ff5bd93c430e06e70ef9aff1eec8c617e03464bef2545180b9de1757fb578ac

In the Delegation in the console

  • In the «Public key» paste the copied public key
  • In the field «Stake» enter the number of coins
  • Click the «Delegate» button